What is Binary Option Trading ?


Binary / options to trade?
To learn more about binary or binary options trading before you know what this is. Everybody we know about froex /foreign exchange trading .In Forex Or foreign exchange trading “Scalping ” is well known by all. In scalping ( trading ) we hold the trade of 1 min to 5 min or 15 min. Then we exit the trade and make a huge amount of profit. Now a days Scaling got a huge popularity in forex cause of its quick profit making ability. Scalper make a huge amount of profit in just in your eye drops sec. Scalping is much more increased in popularity after this – and for the benefit of scalper comes easily to the binary trade. Binary on the currency, commodity Or you can trade for the stock given time – such as 30 seconds, 1 minute, two minutes, etc.. …
Many think the binary is actually gambling, but in fact it is not gambling – to speak the truth – I f you can make right market analysis on / currency / stock then make a trade then your trade is going to profitable.
In this market the best market analyst who can make huge profit
And to be a binary option trader you must be a good analyst .After analyzing the market you can place a trade. For example watch the bellow picture the first on is Currrenc and Secon On is stock.Now IF you think that (After doing a lot of market analysis ) This pair is going to higer price then you can place a trade by clicking on UP(buy) . and you can trade for 1 minute or 30 seconds. One minute later, according to your analysis will profit if the price rises, and the price goes down you will loss.



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